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Life cycle performance assessment since 2003



Economic analysis

Compare the economic viability of your investment options considering the following key performance indicators:

  • Life cycle costing
  • Net-present value
  • Internal rate of return
  • Payback time
  • External costs

Ecological analysis

Analyse the environmental footprint with reasonable effort by focusing on the main impact categories:

  • Global warming potential
  • Cumulative energy demand
  • Aerosol formation potential
  • Eutrophication potential
  • Acidification potential


A number of visualisation options help you to understand the results of your analysis and to present your findings to third parties. In addition, BAL.LCPA provides a detailed report of your assessment including all key performance indicators.

Sensitivity analysis

Life cycle performance assessment results are affected by a number of influence factors, e.g. energy price developments. The sensitivity analysis allows to vary these influence factors to investigate the impact on the KPIs and thereby test the robustness of your investment in case of uncertain developments.

You want to learn more about the life cycle performance approach?

LCPA-related publications available for download

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We analyse your product, service or design concept applying BAL.LCPA and our long-term expertise tailored to your needs.


Alongside the software-tool we offer training sessions about best-practise approaches to LCPA and how to use BAL.LCPA effectively to get you started.


Become part of the user-group to collaborate with other LCPA-users for knowledge exchange and improvements in workflows, data availability and BAL.LCPA itself.



FASTWATER - FAST Track to Clean and Carbon-Neutral WATERborne Transport through Gradual Introduction of Methanol Fuel: Developing and Demonstrating an Evolutionary Pathway for Methanol Technology and Take-up

FLARE - FLooding Accident REsponse

RAMSSES - Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Materal Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships

FENIX - Future business models for the Efficient recovery of Natural and Industrial secondary resources in eXtended supply chains contexts

ePIcenter - Enhanced Physical Internet-Compatible Earth-frieNdly freight Transportation answER

JOULES - Joint Operation for Ultra Low Emission Shipping

LINCOLN - Lean Innovative Connected Vessels

NIMBLE - Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe

MANUTELLIGENCE - Product Service Design and manufacturing Intelligence Engineering Platform

BESST - Breakthrough in European Ship and Shipbuilding Technologies

NCC Foam - Self-assembly of nano crystalline cellulose for lightweight cellular structures

ThroughLife - Development and proof of new approaches for through‐life asset management based on next generation of materials and production technology

SuSy - Surfacing System for Ship Recovery

DE-LIGHT Transport - Developing lightweight modules for transport systems featuring efficient production and lifecycle benefits at structural and functional integrity using risk based design

FIRE-RESIST - A European Commission supported project that aims to improve the fire performance of high performance polymer matrix composite materials for the transport sectors.



BAL.LCPA is a joint development of BALance Technology Consulting and Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft. Combining the expertise of an innovation-driven consultancy with the practical experience of one of Europe´s leading shipyards. BAL.LCPA developed to compare and assess innovative solutions.

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In the European research-projects BESST and JOULES, BALance and FSG elaborated the LCPA-methodology and developed the very first LCPA-tool - the basis for BAL.LCPA. Today, BAL.LCPA is permanently applied in the day to day business of FSG.

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